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The Original Fort Sandflat Gun Vise

Native Texas Mesquite (dark) and Maple (light)- right hand


 Right-Hand Zebra with 3 Cupped & Carved Silver 1/2 Dollars (Resemble Famous Texas Ranger Badges)

Right hand solid Mahogany vise with 17 brass nails around the vise base including both ends and back plus brass nails around the 8-sided handle finished with Dark Mahogany stain & hand-rubbed tung oil .  Vise is being displayed on a custom made Black Walnut Exhibit Table featuring a 1/4" thick glass top with one inch beveled edges.

" I received my vise in Zebra wood. I love it. The grain in the wood is beautiful and the craftsmanship is top notch. I have a couple of scopes and red dots waiting to be mounted. I can't wait to use the new vise. Thank you for a great product." - Dave, River Falls, WI

 " I want to thank you for the Zebra wood gun vise.  It was awesome.  Now my problem is I would like another one.  Since the last one was right handed, I would like a left handed one now.  I would like it to be just like the other one with same name plate. " - Lothar, Enforcement Firearms, FL


Left Hand Ash-Clear Tung Oil Finish


Right-Hand Black Walnut

"Gayle, the Gun Vise arrived today (left-handed Black Walnut) - Perfect - Absolutely Gorgeous...Your vise alone MAKES the room - even standing alone. EXCELLENT, Excellent, excellent. Thank You" - Rich, Yucca Valley, CA




Left-Hand Aromatic Red Cedar
Left-Hand NativeTexas Mesquite with Indian Head/Buffalo Nickels and Cupped & Carved Silver Dollars


The Original Fort Sandflat Gun Vise

Custom Orders Welcome/How to Order/Dealers Near You

An individually handcrafted solid wood vise used for safe and easy rifle sighting, cleaning, scope mounting, sight installation, bore sighting, repairs, glass bedding, bluing, sling swivel installation, checkering, engraving, stock in letting, display & general maintenance.

An exceptional tool for bore sighting bolt-action rifles. This feature alone can save considerable sums of money on ammunition during the sighting process. Left hand vise best to display most weapons.  It puts pretty side of weapon to front.

Excellent method to prominently display your favorite shotgun, rifle, black powder, antique or commemorative weapon at home (den, game room, fireplace mantle or wall), office, gun shop or commercial exhibit. Four soft rubber feet prevent the vise from skidding and sliding or marring furniture surfaces when used for display.

An adjustable wood clamp fits and holds stocks of variable length and widths. All contact points are covered with soft tanned leather to protect your favorite weapon. Long-guns and pistols fit equally well. Mount your weapon upright; upside-down; move it to the left, right, up or down, or even rest the stock in the barrel rest and clamp the barrel. You can mount your weapon in any position necessary to do whatever you can dream up to do to a long-gun or pistol,

The solid wood base, mounted on non-skid rubber feet, is surrounded by a raised lip to form a convenient parts and tool tray.

Right and left-hand models are available as well as wide mouth bench rest models for competitive shooters. Choose from a clear hand-rubbed tung oil finish bringing out the natural color and grain of the wood or a light, medium or dark stain plus two coats of hand-rubbed tung oil.  All vises recieve two coats of tung oil to protect vise from oils, cleaners, solvents, water, etc.

Vises are constructed from twenty eight wood species including yellow pine, ponderosa pine, poplar, black walnut, magnolia, mahogany, oak, cherry, ash or mesquite. A FORT SANDFLAT GUN VISE can be custom-constructed from any available species of wood. You name it - and we'll build it. Various decorations of Indian head/ buffalo nickels, decorative nails, laser engravings, or cupped standing liberty quarters or cupped and carved (silver star) silver half-dollars or silver dollars are available. Your ideas for custom orders welcome.

All vises are unconditionally guaranteed against defective workmanship. Should your FORT SANDFLAT GUN VISE ever "bust or break", simply return it to be repaired or replaced and returned without cost or questions.

Each vise, except yellow pine, comes with a signed and dated name plate which prominently displays the owner's name and the vise's individual serial number. The serial number is also permanently imprinted into the bottom of the vise base.

FORT SANDFLAT GUN VISES can be delivered to your front door by UPS. Payment can be made by cash, money order, personal check, VISA, Discover or MasterCard. For orders or information, call toll-free 1-800-256-4820.

FORT SANDFLAT GUN VISES are given as gifts for a variety of occasions such as: Birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, Anniversaries & Retirements. They also make excellent personalized gifts or awards for peace officers, wildlife or outdoor recreation organizations and gun clubs.

The first FORT SANDFLAT GUN VISE was built in 1988. Over 2600 numbered vises have been custom-crafted for hunters, gun dealers, gun collectors, competitive shooters, professional gunsmiths, hunter safety education instructors and individual gun enthusiasts in all fifty States and numerous other countries.

 " Gayle, just a note to let you know how much I love my vise (#2573 in Oak) !  I use it for all my firearms now (the old plastic one has gone the way of the yard sale) .  I have recommended your website to all my friends who own guns.  Thanks again for a one-of-a-kind product ! "- - John, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Thanks Gayle.  The vise arrived today in good shape.  Look forward to doing business again. -- W. Downer, Oxford, KS

Hi there.  I really love my rifle vise.  Wife bought it for me 25 years ago, made of Paduk and I use it all the time.  Look at the cool pictures - it's #418.  What number are you up to now.  I have worn out the feet.  Can I buy a new set from y'all? . . . . . . . . . D. Trumble, Overland Park, KS.
FORT SANDFLAT PRODUCTS COMMENT: - We recently shipped FORT SANDFLAT GUN VISE # 2642.  Trumble was sent a new set of non-skid rubber feet at our cost with our thanks. Now he is set to enjoy his vise another 25 years. We have the greatest customers !!

Paduk vise # 418 - - 1992 - D. Trumble - This is what a FORT SANDFLAT GUN VISE  looks like after 25 years of hard use.

 *Yellow Pine $85.00
Ponderosa Pine 95.00
Magnolia 95.00
Poplar 95.00
Cypress 95.00
Aromatic Red Cedar 105.00
Oak 105.00
Ash 105.00
Mahogany 115.00
Cherry 115.00
Black Walnut 130.00
Birch 115.00
Maple 115.00
White Oak 115.00
Native Texas Pecan 144.00
Fiddle Back Sycamore 115.00
Native Texas Mesquite 154.00
Texas Blackjack Oak 176.00
Texas Live Oak 176.00
Texas Feathered Savannah Oak 143.00
Texas Barnwood 126.00
Paduk 130.00
Texas Bois D'Arc 155.00
Purple Heart 175.00
Zebra Wood 201.00
Bubinga 201.00
**Longleaf Pine (Limited Quantity)
*No name plate or Serial Number
**This Longleaf Pine vise is made from lumber that is at least 212 years old obtained from beams that were originally used as a floor in a Boston, MA warehouse.  Beautiful wood grain.  The vise #2600 pictured below was made from this wood
Texas Orders-Add 6-1/4% Sales Tax Also
Nails (17 arranged around base)
Small Brass $2.00
Brass Wrought 5.00
Black Wrought 5.00
Antique Brass 5.00
Brass Trunk 5.00
Silver Trunk 5.00
Brass Cone 5.00
Copper 5.00
(Deer, Elk, Turkey, Duck, Quail, Geese, etc.)

On Handle or Trigger $12.00
On barrel rest 25.00


Silver Dimes 2.00 ea.
Silver Half Dollar/Star 15.00 ea.
Indian Head/Buffalo Nickels 4.00 ea.

 Shipping & Pkg.

One Vise: $28.98

Two Vises: $48.25

Texas Orders-Add 6-1/4% Sales Tax Also

Left handed  #2600 Long Leaf Pine vise displayed on custom made Black Walnut exhibit table with beveled glass top.  NOTICE the bolt action and ejection port are displayed to the front with left hand vise.

Left hand vise best for displaying most guns as shown here with an old flintlock muzzel loader rifle - - - puts 'action' to the front as well as ejection ports, most engravings, bolt action, etc  Also, this custom made Oak vice was made 36" long to help accomodate for the extra length of the flintlock.


























212 yr. old Longleaf Pine ONE-OF-A-KIND  #2600 - left hand

NOTE: THE ONE-OF-A-KIND VISES WILL NEVER BE REPEATED .  The next available ONE-OF-A-KIND vise will be # 2700.

I bought my gun vise from you on August 9, 1993.  It was one of my better investments.  I have used it many times and not only is it functional but very nice looking.  It may have been one of your earlier ones because the number on plaque is in the early 400s.  So often, we hear of products that do not meet expectations but when one does we do not hear the feedback.  I want y'all to know you make a quality product and I am very happy to own one. - - Jack M., Snata Fe, NM

Fort Sandflat Pistol Vise




A handcrafted solid wood vise designed specifically for pistols. Pistols can be placed in a variety of positions for safe cleaning, repairs and maintenance. Four non-skid soft rubber feet prevent the vise from sliding or marring furniture surfaces.

The vise base is a sturdy 4-3/8" X 7" X 18" case with a brass keyed lock top with continuous brass piano hinge. The base can serve as storage for pistols, ammo, cleaning supplies, etc.

The vise "jaws" are easily adjusted by a large handle and are lined with leather to protect your pistols. Overall height is 8-1/2". Approximate weight is 7 lbs.

Black Walnut
Native Texas Mesquite
Shipping & Packaging: $20.69

Native Texas Mesquite w/ Salem Maple Stain + Tung Oil & Two Silver Quarter Stars

Silver Half Dollar Stars
$15.00 ea.
Silver Quarter Stars
$10.00 ea.
Standing Liberty Quarters
$8.00 ea.
Indian Hd./Buffalo Nickels
$4.00 ea.

Black Walnut w/ Black Walnut Stain + Tung Oil & Two Standing Liberty Quarters (both sides showing)

Mr. Shooter Rifle & Pistol Shooting Stand

Shoot your rifle or pistol as if it were in a vise! Build confidence in yourself and your pistol by shooting them off "MR. Shooter". No more sandbags!

Introduced in 1984, "Mr Shooter" is an accuracy tool every hunter should own.

Constructed of tough, lightweight, rust-resistant 1" tubular steel, the ridgid and stable "Mr. Shooter" weighs only 4 lbs. 6 oz. The vinyl-coated rest and yoke adjusts vertically and horozintally and locks in place. "Mr. Shooter" fits all rifles and most pistols and is a great tool not only for sighting, but for cleaning and scope mounting.


Make accuracy easy to achieve with your own "Mr. Shooter".








No More Sandbags
Weighs only about 4lbs. 6oz.
Pattern your Turkey Gun
Made Since 1984
Clamp your rifle while you work bore sight, clean, etc.
Made of 1" Square Tubing
Padded to protect firearm
Complete Instructions for Use With Each Order







Clamp only


Rifle & Pistol Rest


Rifle Rest Only



Shipping & Pkg. $10.95 ea.



(Shipped Parcel Post)






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